The People

The following is a list of names of the young adults who emigrated to New Zealand between 1908 and 1938. More emigrants followed in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, however it was during the earlier period that there was a ‘scheme’ operating to bring the emigrants to New Zealand. Most were in their mid-teens when they arrived in New Zealand. They were sent in batches of up to sixteen emigrants, chaperoned by teachers from the Homes and arriving to pre-arranged employment and housing.

This list has been compiled from various sources including Dr Graham’s Homes’ magazine and information from public and private archives.

A portrait of the ‘Kennedy batch’ before leaving Dr Graham’s Homes in 1912, bound for Dunedin. Photo from Dr Graham’s Homes Magazine.

Emigrants 1908 - 1938

Allcard, Alice

Allcard, Violet

Andrews, Adrian

Anderson, Peter

Bayley, Clarence

Bayley, Colin

Beaton, William

Berkeley, Dorothy

Bishop, James

Bishop, Max

Blackhall, Alex

Boardman, Eric

Boardman, Eustace

Boden, Lucy

Brooks, Horace

Brooks, Tom

Brown, Annie

Buckley, Terence

Chambers, Molly

Chandler, Winnie

Chaston, Gwen

Chaston, Mary

Cooper, Rose

Cruden, Jim

Cullinan, Gordon

Davenport, Ellie

Dinning, Annie

Dinning, Maggie

Duncan, Miriam

Edbrooke, Kate

Fox, Margaret

French, Deborah

Fullerton, Evelyn

Gammie, Alison

Gammie, Betty

Gammie, Fergus

Gammie, Kathleen

Gammie, Gavin

Gammie, Moira

Gollan, Amy

Graham, Esther

Greig, Janet

Greig, Mary

Greig, Nell

Greig, Tom

Hall, Harry

Hall, William

Hall, Dick

Haslett, Mavis

Haslett, Murray

Hawkins, Richard

Higgins, Dorothy

Hobcroft, -

Holder, Henry

Howie, Mary

Hughes, Ernest

Jones, Llewellyn

Keelan, Thomas

Kennedy, Jessie

Kennedy, Thornton

King, Harry

Langmore, George

Lawless, Charlie

Lawless, Winnie

Leith, Fred

Lemare, Stuart

Lethaby, Pamela

Lloyd, Jack

Lyon, Robert

Macey, Richard

Mackay, Jean

Mackay, John

Mackenzie, John

Masson, Eva

May, Dick

McIntyre, Donald

Melville, Hamilton

Moller, Charlie

Moller, Dora

Moller, Lisbeth

Mortimore, Jeanette

Mortimore, Rend

Muspratt, Hugh

Nicholls, Sheila

O'Brien, Peggy

O'Shannahan, Quinton

Ochterlony, Mary

Ochterlony, Robert

Oliver, Mac

Pattison, Kate

Pattison, Mary

Peters, Lorna

Peters, George

Peters, Alice

Plaistowe, Gertie

Radcliffe, Beryl

Reid, James

Roberts, Molly

Robertson, George

Royston, Eva

Sarkies, Kathy

Savigny, Minnie

Savigny, Nellie

Savigny, Pat

Scott, Anne

Sinclair, Clarence

Sinclair, Mae

Sinclair, Aileen

Smith, Alice

Smith, Margie

Smith, Tom

Snelleksz, Ned

Snelleksz, Victor

Snelleksz, Wilfred

Sommerville, Hera

Spalding, Charles

Spalding, Tom

Spaul, Elsa

Speed, Constance

Speed, Thomas

Spencer, Roland

Stevenson, Michael

Stuart, Alison

Stuart, Eric

Stuart, Reginald

Tweedie, Hamish

Tweedie, Lucy

Walker, Connie

Watson, Charles

Watson, Tom

White, George

Williams, Leonard

Williams, Sydney

Emigrants after 1940

Adolphus, Ken

Donaldson, Frank

Easton, Charles

Florey, Ken

Jackson, Mary

Kesang, Thuten

Leith, Isabella

Moller, Dennis

Nicholls, John

Nicholls, Norah

Nicholls, Ruth

Nicholls, Sidney

Rimmer, Peggy

Storey, Kenneth

Dunedin Associates

Committee Members

Ponder, Rev J.S.
Waitahuna 1908-1920
Scott, Mrs W.L.
Dunedin 1908-1916
Wilkinson, Mrs
Sheen St, Roslyn 1916- 
White, Mrs C.G.
Dunedin 1920s
Barton, Rev
Gore 1920s/30s

Former housemothers

MacDonald, Mrs E. (nee Kennedy)
Port Chalmers 1920- 


Church, Dr R.
High Street 1915- 
Graham, J.
Highcliff 1910- 
Hazelwood family
Garrick Tearooms (employed Mae Sinclair) 1950s
McArthur, H.
St Kilda (employed Kate Sarkies) 1930s
Mann, Dr Harold
Moody family
Dunedin (employed Mary Pattison) 1920s
O’Dowd, Mrs
Tapanui (employed Mavis Haslett) 1920s
Patterson family
Dunedin (employed Kate Pattison) 1920s
Pugh, T.H.
Middlemarch 1910- 
Roberts, J.
Gladbrook Estate, (employed Hamilton Melville) Middlemarch 1910- 
Simpson, Rev
Port Chalmers (employed Lorna Peters) 1920s

Wellington Associates

Committee Members

Blair, Justice A.W.
Hogg, Mr

Former housemother

Olsen, Peg


Aplin, Mr
(employed Rend Mortimore and Thomas Greig) 1920s
Bobbinger family
(employed Margie Smith) 1920s
Didsbury family
(employed Kate Edbrooke) 1930s
Hogg family
(employed Violet Allcard) 1920s
White, Mrs C.G.
Formerly of Dunedin 1920s

Marlborough Associates


Corry, Mrs
Blenheim (employed Mary Ochterloney, Mary Howie) 1910s
Chaytor, Mr
Marshlands (employed Robert Ochterloney) 1910s
Green family
Nelson (employed Eva Masson) 1920s
Palmer, Mrs
Nelson (employed Anne Brown) 1920s

Auckland Associates


Suttie, Mr P.E.
(arranged employment) 1920s
Puckey family
Kaitaia (employed Richard Hawkins) 1920s

Central North Island Associates


Chambers, Bernard
Havelock North (employed Eustace Boardman) 1910s
White family
Te Puke (employed Hugh Muspratt) 1920s